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From Whim W’Him, Intercourse Kittens and Sex Kills

From Whim W’Him, Intercourse Kittens and Sex Kills

The benefit of three works that are new Olivier Wever’s Whim W’Him party team filled the Intiman Theatre on every night when thawing heaps of slush in Seattle roads mounted to your knees. Boots are not strictly a fashion option. “Cast the initial Rock in Twenty Twelve” came with plenty of temperature of their very own, however.

Two smaller works, La Langue de l’amour and Flower Festival, led as much as the night’s showcase that is major thrOwn, but that is not to say they weren’t as appreciatively gotten. As a passive-aggressive hint of some kind if you’re at the theatre as a couple, you have to be careful how loudly you clap for the wickedly titled La Langue de l’amour, in case your partner takes it.

A solo en pointe tease by Chalnessa Eames in a deranged-pixie wig, Langue employs pantomime and, in this context, the not-so-sublimated eroticism associated with the allegro motion of a Domenico Scarlatti harpsichord sonata as Wevers wrings every glistening fall of sex appeal from the ballerina’s formal accuracy (a gauzy wisp of costume by Christine Joly de Lotbiniиre helps with that work). Typically, ballet prevents conjuring within the illicit awe inspired whenever Eames bends and looks back through her feet during the market. Through charade, she makes a pretty determined, detail by detail proposition of delights—Oh my, whipped cream?—in the offing in the event that item of desire (a limelight chosen somebody within the market) calls her. Later on, after thrOwn, it will probably appear impressive that the person that is same both in. Read more…

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31 Déc 2019